Pachmarhi Sightseeing

Pachmarhi is the most beautiful hill station.

Day One

Jatashankar :-One of main attraction points of the beautiful surroundings of Panchmarhi town is a natural monument, site of legends and shrine - Jata Shankar. Important part of the experience is path towards the cave shrine with numerous small shops selling herbs and medicines. Near the cave there are two small ponds fed by springs - one is fed by cold spring, another one - by hot spring. Here originates Jambu Dwip stream.Cave itself is hidden in deep ravine. Enormous, seemingly loose rocks are perched in ravine above the heads of visitors.

Handhi Kho :- An imposing canyon with a 300 feet high crag amidst a dense forest, Handi Khoh in Panchmarhi is endowed with marvelous scenery. The clinging rock face of this gulch is a haven of large beehives Bounded by a deep woody forest, this lovely place is closely associated with Lord Shiva. The popular belief is that Handi Khoh was a lake earlier

Priyadarshni :-This is the point from where Captian Forsyth discovered Panchamarhi in the year 1857. After that the British developed Panchmarhi as a resort. The churches and other structures of this hill station are the clear evidence of the colonial influence. Formerly known as Forsyth point, this vantage point provides the panoramic view of Panchmarhi and its splendid surroundings. The most spectacular vision from this vantage point is that of the Handi Khoh ravin.

Bada Mahadeo :- This cave is about 60 feet Long. It is a mythological belief which says that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Mohini Killed the demon King Bhasmasur here. Large idols of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and Lord Ganesha have been enshrined inside the 60 feet long cave. A Serpentine road adorned with stark green trees and shrubs goes to Bade Mahadeo. Water constantly falls upon the shivlinga inside the cave. A kund is situated in the middle of the cave. There is another cave situated near bade Mahadeo, the cave of Goddess Parvati. There is large of pilgrims on the occasion of Nagpanchemi MahaShivratri.

Gupt Mahadeo :- This cave is about 40 feet long. The path of Gupt Mahadeo goes from inside the Bade Mahadeo. There is a narrow path which leads to Gupt Mahadeo. There is idol of lord Ganesha and Shivlinga enshrined inside the cave. Only eight persons can pass at a time. An idol of lord hanuman has been enshrined at the entrance.

Lake:- (Boating) Pachmarhi Lake is a man made water-body, but its serene and scenic surroundings along a vast expanse makes you feel like you are floating in a natural paradise. Pachmarhi lake is an ideal venue for boating. Horse & camel rides, as well as food stalls are also available for visitors.

Rajendra giri :- This hilltop was named as Panorama girl in honor of the visit of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. A Sapling he planted there is now a grown tree. Clearly visible from here are the hill of satpura range in their inviting gesture. Ravishankar Bhawan here was constructed for the comfortable stay of Dr. Rajendra Prasad. It is also called VIP Bhawan.